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Citywide Business Coalition Unites Against Paid Sick Time Bill

Irene LoRe, executive director of the 5th Avenue BID, and Carl Hum, president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce after the City Hall press conference.

Small business owners from across the five boroughs of New York City, chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, trade associations and more gathered on the steps of City Hall to speak out against the New York City Council’s proposed Paid Sick Time bill (Intro No 1059). The group, representing an unprecedented and diverse coalition, says the bill will hurt the city’s economy and local businesses.

“While Intro No 1059 is well-intentioned, its impact, both short and long term, will be damaging to the business community to the tune of about two to three billion dollars in new costs. Our business and non-profit communities are trying to weather current economic challenges, maintain current levels and look toward future growth through job creation, yet they are being asked to shoulder this latest burden,” said Jack Freidman, Queens Chamber of Commerce. “How can the City’s business community compete when they are at such a disadvantage?” he added.

“Our printing company has 32 full-time employees. We currently offer six paid sick days and forcing us to offer nine paid sick days will cost our business another $30,000 per year and that will be a burden on our company which is challenged by this current economy. I will have to cut down on their vacation time to cover these costs,” states KY Chow, GM Printing in Long Island City. In addition, other businesses have indicated that they will scale back on other benefits as well as reconsider new hires and expansion plans. Continue reading